Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Our cleaning programs for medical facilities focus on hygienic cleaning that reduces the spread of germs and infectious diseases.  At Safeguard Services, we use advanced medical office cleaning protocols and equipment in order to help healthcare facilities and clinics meet required cleanliness standards.

Safeguard services does not sacrifice quality and we comply with all regulatory safety requirements and control costs.   Our medical office cleaning services provide a measurably cleaner healthcare environment and they reduce the spread of pathogens--for a lower price than many traditional commercial cleaning providers.

By using the most advanced cleaning implements and cleaning processes available today, our aseptic cleaning service helps eliminate the spread of organisms that cause infection and disease in hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities:

  • Strict color-coding techniques designed to eliminate cross contamination
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths and mopping programs designed to contain soil and aid in its removal
  • Flat mop technology that assists in soil removal helps to further reduce cross contamination 
  • Only hospital-grade disinfectant cleaning solutions delivering are used
  • HEPA vacuum filtration technology that provides air filtering down to 3 microns

Safeguard Services complies with all regulatory requirements and provides training on:

  • OSHA standards, section 1910.1030
  • National Safety Council Blood Borne Pathogen Program
  • American Red Cross HIV/AIDS programs
  • Disinfection Chemistry
  • Aseptic Cleaning
  • Basic Microbiology
  • Personal Protective Equipment